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Client Testimonials

Happy Business Clients

Human Resource Coaching

I am new in my HR role and know I can always call Lynda when I need an outside perspective on a work assignment. Our sessions are always so helpful!

Erica, T., San Francisco, CA

New Manager Training

I had questions about the VLOOKUP function in EXCEL for my new position as a manager. Lynda was able to easily explain the process while also giving recommendations on how to manage my data. She also went above and beyond to cover other areas during our session. I highly recommend her!

Joey B., Henderson, NV

Excel Project

Lynda was very personable and knowledgeable. She helped me work out a pricing spreadsheet issue with something I inherited from my predecessor. We were able to create a new spreadsheet with much more detail. I would recommend Lynda to anyone looking for some help.

Chad E., Monroe, OH

Grad School Help

The best decision I ever made was to seek a tutor to help with my online course. My learning style is sitting in a classroom, and I knew that it would be challenging to transition from in-class learning to online instruction. Ms. Roca was instrumental in helping me succeed in all my classes. She reviewed the material with me to ensure I grasped it. She also provided me with the support and encouragement I needed to do well. She was knowledgeable, precise, and accommodating to my needs.

Wanda R., SC

Testimonials: Testimonials

Happy Tutoring Students

Great Accounting Tutor

I had a great experience with Lynda during my first session with her. I was struggling with some accounting concepts and she brought me to a much needed "light bulb moment".

Dori R., Jeffersonton, VA

Fabulous Excel tutor

Lynda did an excellent job in working through a sales problem I presented to her. She was friendly, and very quick to respond. 

Marcus F., Chicago, IL

Knowledgeable and Efficient HR Tutor

Lynda is an Excel whiz and teaches HR concepts with ease using teaching techniques that are easy to follow. Prior to her helping me build my compensation system for my Organizational Leadership class I was confused, but within a few minutes it was very clear what next steps were.

Shannon W., Albany, GA

Terrific PowerPoint Tutor

If you ever feel stuck or frustrated don’t hesitate to contact Lynda. She is an experienced professional that has been enormously helpful to me on PowerPoint. Lynda has so much knowledge to share and she can absolutely enhance your skills. She was a pleasure to work and now I consider her a friend. 

Carol A., Summit, NJ

Testimonials: Testimonials
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