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What can I get out of coaching?

Whether its soft skills like effective ways to communicate or more technical skills like designing a compensation plan for your organization, we can teach this. 

Why attend a full class on topics you will never use. Your session is personalized to your needs! 

Topics include:

  • Financial Accounting

  • Think like a CEO

  • Communicating effectively 

  • Understand “the ask." Perfect for new managers and those who want to understand what the boss is really looking for.

  • Human Resources: including Training, Recruiting, Performance, On-boarding, Compensation, Incentive Design, Organizational Structure, HRIS, HR Law and Compliance, etc.

Microsoft Tools (or Google tools) for WORD documents, EXCEL spreadsheets and POWERPOINT presentations:

  • EXCEL: create pivot tables, VLOOKUPS, and graphs 

  • Combine reports or find missing data.

  • Analyze data in spreadsheets and spot trends

  • Formatting, citing, linking

  • Create a professional looking presentation 

  • Short-cuts, tips, tricks, and best practices 

  • Inserting citations and references

Image by Shunya Koide
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